Monday, 21 May 2012


The Commonwealth is a group of countries who have Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state. Her diamond Jubilee is early in June and she is celebrating 60 years in the throne, all the countries in the Commonwealth will be celebrating. The British Royal Mint will be releasing a £5 coin and people in the Commonwealth will be having parties and days off school and work.
The Song Gary Barlow has released a song after traveling to some of the commonwealth countries. It features people from those countries and the military wives. The money made from the sales will be donated to the queens charites.
Publicity Before her diamond Jubilee there was a Blue Peter competition launched to make an emblem for the day. This will be featured on sides of coaches and one of the official logos for the day.
The Throne After Queen Elizabeth II leaves the throne it will be passed down to her son Charles who is currently the price of Wales. In the last year the queen has passed a restriction stopping the prices to get the thrown before the princesses even if the princesses are older.
The Games Every 4 years there is the Commonwealth games where countries in the Commonwealth get the opportunity to compete at sports. A few years ago it was in Manchester and it started new possibilities for the city. It introduced a new Velodrome for cycling and 50 metre swimming pool. (Hopefully the Olympic Games in London will have the same, if not bigger effect on the city and the country.)