Thursday, 8 March 2012

iPhoto and iMovie

Can you guess which one of these two photos (left) has been tweaked by Apple's new iPad app, iPhoto?

Might be a bit obvious because of all the blury bits but it is photo 1 that I've edited. Earlier today I took a photo of my hamster and attempted to remove her shadow using iPhoto which came out on 7th March 2012 with the 'New iPad'. The app has lots of easy features to use such as the multi-touch editing, a massive supply of effects and 'Photo Journals' where you can put photos into a journal and share them on iCloud.
The features may be easy to use however there are lots of them and sometimes the buttons become a little confusing, especially if you are like me and like to understand things straight away. But I'm sure after a little practise, I will finally get the hang of this app.
I don't know if this app is available on iPod Touch however it is available for iPad and iPhone.

I remember before Christmas I was waiting for a iPad so I would be able to experience iMovie however after paying £2.99 I must admit that I was very disappointed however with the recent update, it works quite well. I don't know exactly what's changed however it works considerably better than the old version.