Saturday, 25 February 2012


On 25th February 2012 at an Olympic STEM business event at the Dolphin centre we met a man from QE who had a Lego PIC car with him.
(A PIC car is a car which can navigate itself using sensors.)
Anyway, the Lego PIC car looked like a dog and it was amazing! It had a inferred sensor on the front to stop it from crashing into things and then the dog would turn its head, take 4 sensor readings and set off again in a different direction. The dog also had a colour sensor on the bottom so the QE students would be able to program the dog to only move on certain colours however the best thing about the dog was the noise sensors it had built in. These are so if you shout loudly at the dog it moves backwards. Finally there was a sensor on the tail of the dog so if it reverses into something by accident it knows to stop.
I thought this would be relevant because at the DSMS STEM club we are building a PIC car however instead of being made out of Lego, ours is made out of recycled materials.