Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Windows 8

Windows 8 is what Microsoft workers are calling the new Windows operating system coming out in Autumn 2012.
Current tablet computers like the Dell Inpiron Duo have proved to be unpopular because how hard Windows 7 has been to use with a touch screens so Windows 8 is being made so they are easy to use on tablet computers without a mouse and keypad. 
So far not much has been announced about it apart from the new log-on screen and some other smaller features.
With the new log-on screen, instead of login in with a password, you can do it by swiping your finger along parts of a photo you have selected earlier. Such as circling faces and doting peoples nose's. (However it still lets you use a normal character password if you choose.)
The new operating system will also feature Internet 
10. This will give you access to the Windows App Store, it will be faster than any other previous Microsoft browsers and it will also be available on other devices such as mobile phones.
Another (maybe revolutionary  idea) is 'Windows To Go'. This will allow users to save most of their personal settings onto a memory stick so they can access them easily from another computer. It will apparently keep working 60 seconds after the USB has been removed from the computer. With Apple, Google and other companies trying to remove the need for USB ports in computers by starting Cloud based software's Windows has responded with this extremely useful piece of kit.
Windows 8 is also going to give you the option to reset or refresh you PC. Resetting it will remove all personal data, apps, settings and passwords and refreshing your PC will keep all data however reinstall windows.
Windows 8 will give you new storage options and warn you when you are low on storage.
One problem I have realised is that lots of people like having a computer or laptop to use in their home and from what we have seen so far, Windows 8 doesn't look very mouse and keyboard friendly. So it is lightly that they will keep producing Windows 7 for actual computers and Windows 8 will be exclusive for tablets. Or they could make a desktop friendly version of Windows 8.
In conclusion, I think that if the rest of Windows 8 sounds as good as what they have released so far we could be looking at an extremely successful version of windows.