Wednesday, 5 October 2011

iPhone 4S announced

On 4th October 2011 the next generation iPhone was announced. It is called the iPhone 4S and the operating system it runs on is called iOS5 which gets released on 12th October 2011. iOS 5 is going to be available for the latest iPads, iPhones and iPods. Anyway, new features on the iPhone 4S are a Twitter integrated and faster system, an 8mp camera (which is better than the iPhone 4's 5mp camera) and HD video recoding.
A new voice operated program called Siri is also in the iPhone 4S. Basically you say a command like ''what is the weather today'' and it the intelligent assistant will get things done just by asking. You can even ask Siri to read aloud your messages for you and organise events in your calender!
Apple are also launching a cards app which lets you create a card (e.g birthday card) and then you can send it off to be printed and delivered all by the touch of a button on your Apple device. Goodbye Moonpig!
Many poeople claimed that the next iPhone would have a bigger screen however the device stays the same size!
Apple also announced in this presentation that there are going to be 2 major upgrades for the iPod nano and that they are going to make the iPod touch in white! Apparently the next iPod touch is also going to be under £130!
The iPhone 4S pricing system works like this: (2 year contract) 8GB - $199, 16GB -$299 and 64GB - $399.