Friday, 14 October 2011

iOS 5

iOS 5 which is the operating system which will be featured on the iPhone 5 is looking brilliant so far! It will include over 200 new features including a Notification Centre, a Newsstand and Twitter integration.
But let me start by telling you about the best feature because unlike any other versions iOS 5 doesn't need a computer to be activated. You can edit your photos and add new e-mail folders without the need of a PC! You can also wirelessly sync it to your PC so it can back up your device and always be able to access all of your movies, TV programs, photos and music.
Next is the notification centre, it gathers all your new emails, texts and friends requests together. It also gathers the current weather and stocks and shares.
“iPad and iPod touch join the conversation” with the new iMessage system. It sends unlimited free text messages through the internet to whoever you want as long as they have iOS 5 too.
All of this may be good, however the best feature so far for me has got to be the Newsstand. From the app store you can subscribe to a newspaper or magazine and then every time a new edition
of that publication comes out it will update automatically so you can read it on your device.
You can also do a lot more with your photos because you can crop them, rotate them, remove red-eye and then when you are done, you can upload them to twitter with the new iOS 5 twitter integration.The twitter integration lets you tweet directly from Safari, YouTube, photos and maps.
If you are interested in iOS 5 you need either one of the latest iPhones, iPads or iPods.