Tuesday, 25 October 2011


My PAPE"R"MAIL in the next edition of the Wyvern is going to hopefully going to be about Hypnotism. I am currently fascinated with it. So far I have learnt that a hypnotist tries to contact the sub concious mind and that you can never do anything why you are hypnotised which you would not normally do. e.g kill someone.
Hypnotists hypnotise people and make them do stuff by making suggestions to the brain. A hypnotist could convince your brain that your hand is stuck to the table when in fact it is not stuck at all. I think that is why if you tell your self something so many times you will eventually believe it. Another example is that if a child gets bullied at school and everybody called him stupid. His brain could eventually start believing what other people are saying.
The video below was one I looked at to help me write my article.

Friday, 21 October 2011


BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT and Lord Sugar are working on this new TV box called you view to be launched next year. It has all the catch up services with no monthly cost!

Friday, 14 October 2011

iOS 5

iOS 5 which is the operating system which will be featured on the iPhone 5 is looking brilliant so far! It will include over 200 new features including a Notification Centre, a Newsstand and Twitter integration.
But let me start by telling you about the best feature because unlike any other versions iOS 5 doesn't need a computer to be activated. You can edit your photos and add new e-mail folders without the need of a PC! You can also wirelessly sync it to your PC so it can back up your device and always be able to access all of your movies, TV programs, photos and music.
Next is the notification centre, it gathers all your new emails, texts and friends requests together. It also gathers the current weather and stocks and shares.
“iPad and iPod touch join the conversation” with the new iMessage system. It sends unlimited free text messages through the internet to whoever you want as long as they have iOS 5 too.
All of this may be good, however the best feature so far for me has got to be the Newsstand. From the app store you can subscribe to a newspaper or magazine and then every time a new edition
of that publication comes out it will update automatically so you can read it on your device.
You can also do a lot more with your photos because you can crop them, rotate them, remove red-eye and then when you are done, you can upload them to twitter with the new iOS 5 twitter integration.The twitter integration lets you tweet directly from Safari, YouTube, photos and maps.
If you are interested in iOS 5 you need either one of the latest iPhones, iPads or iPods.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What do you think of the new school uniform?

After asking a number of people about what they think of the new school uniform I have had a wide range of replies. I found out that 60% of the people who I asked liked the blazers and only 40% of the people who I asked liked the clip-on ties. With the blazers people said that they were comfortable, they liked all the pockets and how they looked. One person went so far to say that they would even want it framed. Unfortunately however others said that they hate the shoulder pads and they think that they look funny.
With the clip on ties some people said that they were mint however others didn‟t like the design and said that they didn‟t like their top buttons done up.
The reason we got a new uniform is because we have changed the school name and will soon become an Academy. The new school also looks smarter.

Leaping antelope brings down cyclist in South Africa

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

iPhone 4S announced

On 4th October 2011 the next generation iPhone was announced. It is called the iPhone 4S and the operating system it runs on is called iOS5 which gets released on 12th October 2011. iOS 5 is going to be available for the latest iPads, iPhones and iPods. Anyway, new features on the iPhone 4S are a Twitter integrated and faster system, an 8mp camera (which is better than the iPhone 4's 5mp camera) and HD video recoding.
A new voice operated program called Siri is also in the iPhone 4S. Basically you say a command like ''what is the weather today'' and it the intelligent assistant will get things done just by asking. You can even ask Siri to read aloud your messages for you and organise events in your calender!
Apple are also launching a cards app which lets you create a card (e.g birthday card) and then you can send it off to be printed and delivered all by the touch of a button on your Apple device. Goodbye Moonpig!
Many poeople claimed that the next iPhone would have a bigger screen however the device stays the same size!
Apple also announced in this presentation that there are going to be 2 major upgrades for the iPod nano and that they are going to make the iPod touch in white! Apparently the next iPod touch is also going to be under £130!
The iPhone 4S pricing system works like this: (2 year contract) 8GB - $199, 16GB -$299 and 64GB - $399.