Thursday, 22 September 2011


Airbrushing, it is something that we see and hear of every day. It is in newspapers, magazines and websites. But what actually is it. In this detailed article I will tell you exactly what airbrushing is. Airbrushing is used by media companies which want to sell a product or make somebody look better. We all know that nobody is perfect, but media companies try their best to make people look spotless. When advertising a skin care product companies could air brush their models to make it look like the product actually made a huge difference to how someone looked. A few years ago there was a campaign to stop airbrushing because it had gone too far and it was giving people false impressions. More recent though, last July an L'Oreal advert was banned because the model had been too airbrushed.
During the Royal Wedding period ‘GRAZIA’ magazine admitted to airbrushing a photo of Kate Middleton. They started with the photo on the right and airbrushed William out. They also made her slimmer. “Media are fuelling eating disorders” claim psychiatrists as teenagers are eating less because of peer pressure from the media to have a small waist.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Office Theme Tune

Sorry, just addicted to this TV program and song at the moment!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Torchwood: The End of Miracle Day

On Thursday 15th September 2011 it was the last episode of Torchwood: Miracle day.
To be honest I wasn't expecting that much from it as I thought the rest of the series was slow moving and completely irrelevant to the big picture however the last episode was amazing. It has left Torchwood open for another series which could include Rex. It also closed some loose ends however left the series on a big cliff hanger.
Anyway, what I was saying earlier about how some episodes have been completely irrelevant in the bigger picture, the 2nd episode was unessential. It also had nothing to do with anything, also that episode with Angelo. Apparently he knew something about the miracle, he didn't tell us anything.
All in all though it has been a good series and I hope they do another one. If they do though they should format it like series 1&2, so instead of having 10 episodes with the same story line they have 13 separate episodes about different stuff. Also, please get the original Torchwood theme tune back!