Saturday, 7 May 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1

EP4: I think the episode was satisfactory, not one of the best plots as it was very confusing. It was good seeing new parts of the TARDIS. However I didn't like the idea of the TARDIS being a girl. 6/10
EP3: Ahoy there, episode 3 of Doctor Who was great. People may disagree with me but I really enjoyed it. 7.10
EP2: What an action packed episode, from the first minute this episode was destined to be good. River Song is getting ever more interesting. It was not very confusing how they killed the Silence so that was also good!
EP1: The new series was back on our screens last Saturday and I thought the first episode was truly brilliant however according to some newspaper reviews I read the next day, appartently they are trying too hard. I think that is nonsense though because I can't wait until the next episode.